AMANDA WHITESID, Genevieve Douglas-Byrnes & Joseph Leone

‘U C U’


August 11th @ 6pm

Big Fish Workshop
47 Moreland street
Footscray, 3011


Artist Statement

The video work is a collaborative process-focused project between three emerging Narrm-based artists: 3D video and projection artist Genevieve Douglas-Brynes, photographer Amanda Whiteside, and stylist Joseph Leone. Last year Joseph Leone and Amanda Whiteside created a series of distorted portraits exploring the ambiguity of identity representation in today’s oversaturated image climate. They seek to push the projects material boundaries by ‘going 3D’ and projecting the subjects outside the confines of the gallery. The process of rendering 2D portraits into projected 3D moving portraits opens up exploration of another dimension and reflects the impermanence of place. Mirrored reflections of the space ‘the body’ typically occupies at home, such as curtains and bed sheets, have been videoed and then entangled with digitally formed fluid shapes. By meshing these raw materials with a rendered human figure, the artists respond to the unclear boundaries of the physical and digital world. The distorted subject is tracked as they move through their merged physical and digital spaces. Direction and endless fluid movement becomes the subject’s motive, signifying a home that is transient. 


Amanda Whiteside
Amanda Whiteside is an emerging photographer based in Naarm (Melbourne) whose work engages with ideas surrounding gender and identity. Their process-focused practice utilises analogue and digital techniques of photography. Currently, they are undertaking a Masters of Teaching Practice (Primary) and received a Bachelor of Arts (Photography) in 2017 and B.A (Fine Art) (Honours) in 2018, all from RMIT University. Whiteside’s passion and interest rests where the arts and education coexist. Whiteside had their first solo show at No Vacancy Gallery in 2018 and has exhibited work at Brunswick Street Gallery (Melbourne), Noir Darkroom (Melbourne) and The Meat Market (Melbourne). 

Genevieve Douglas-Byrnes
Genevieve Douglas-Byrnes is an emerging Melbourne based artist working in 3D modelling, motion graphics, projection art and installation art. She received her BA (Photography) from RMIT University in 2016 and completed Honours in Fine Art at RMIT in 2017. Genevieve was awarded the Kalman Feitel prize in 2016 for her installation E=MC2. She also received the Victor Greenhalgh Scholarship in 2015. Her creative practice primarily focuses on philosophical based theories of human existence as well as feminist theory. Genevieve has had her work exhibited at the National Library of Armenia (Yerevan), Cascade Monument (Yerevan), The Meat Market (Melbourne), Gallery Voltaire (Melbourne) and George Patton Gallery (Melbourne). 

Joseph Leone
Joseph Leone is an Australian based creative director and stylist. His work operates within fashion and Visual Arts through artistic direction and production across campaigns, events, editorial, motion, and exhibitions. Using his intuitive eye and process, Joseph usually works in collaboration on many projects. The works he has produced and directed have been published within Australia and internationally, including exhibitions at No Vacancy & Five Walls Gallery. Over the past nine years, his engagement in backstage management for major fashion weeks and events has given him scope to look at culture in a broader sense.