August 10th @ 2pm

Footscray Community Arts Centre
45 Moreland St



Callisto will be playing tunes for the Dancing in the moonlight (of an afternoon).

Maddy Hunter is an energetic young woman growing up on the Wimmera river, later moving to the big smoke of Melbourne at age 16. She has been inspired by music from a young age and understands its ability to create culture, community and social inclusion. From singing in the shower to talent shows and theatre performances to electronic music "Callisto" the dj duo has been birthed in the heart of Melbourne the capital of the music industry in the world, Callisto is an up and coming house party DJ duo where Maddy and Shannon bring their out love for house, techno and old funky beats to bring it all together to create an ecstatic sensory experience for the crowd that will leave you wanting no more than to bounce along.

Shannon Eliades is a country girl from the Wimmera, now living in Melbourne.

Shannon has been musically inspired from a young age, growing up going to music festivals in the bush has played a huge roll in my life, inspiring me to be creative. I understand that music is so important for human connection allowing people to connect on a deeper level no matter were your from. That's what Callisto the DJ duo with Maddy Hunter and myself aim to accomplish. We love techno, funk and old school rap and by merging these together we aim to create some funky tunes that will make you want to boogie, make some friends on the dance floor and have a sick time.