STIR IT UP 2018 participants COHEALTH arts generator.jpg

Participants of ‘Stir It Up 2018’
cohealth Arts Generator

‘talent show’


August 15th @ 6pm

Counterweight Vinyl & Espresso
32 Chambers St



A dispirited young cleaner with aspirations of becoming a rapper finds a flyer for a talent show during work one day. He wants to pursue his dream but first needs to confront the doubts and fears that are in his way. The film includes spoken word and rap, and explores the themes of sacrifice and determination.

Directed by Mark Hellinger


cohealth arts generator (formerly Barkly Arts Centre) works in partnership with individuals and communities who experience limited access to arts and cultural opportunities. Through participatory arts practice cohealth arts generator aims to increase wellbeing and agency by unlocking creative potential and building connections to the broader community.

cohealth arts generator (CAG) embraces diversity enhances cultural identity and community connection through artistic expression; underpinned by equity and social justice. Cohealth Arts Generator is a division of Cohealth Limited and is located in the warehouse building at Footscray Community Arts Centre.

CAG runs a dynamic program of cross arts projects that engage a wide range of community members in collaborative and individual arts practice. CAG supports the development of emerging artists from culturally diverse communities and facilitates opportunities for established artists to collaborate with western region communities.

CAG provides access to arts opportunities to young people from culturally diverse communities, people experiencing mental illness and homelessness, refugees, residents of low cost housing including Barkly Hotel, community housing, Supported Residential services, public housing and Indigenous Australians in Melbourne’s western suburbs. CAG produces quality public outcomes through a process of meaningful collaboration coupled with high production values. These outcomes include exhibitions, performances and installations.