Annabelle Hale



August 15th @ 6pm

100 Story Building
92 Nicholson St



Animals call Australia home too! A friendly wombat, a laid-back koala, a shy echidna, a silly kookaburra and a playful platypus are all neighbours in a little nook of the Aussie backyard. Each critter has it's very own home where they go to rest after a day's play. 

This animated loop and craft display was created with help from local kids with a talent for storytelling and art thanks to workshops run at 100 Story Building.

The projection is of Australian animals foraging and playing and then going home to rest. All of their homes will be visible as the composition will be split horizontally between the surface and the underground so that animals sleeping inside nests and burrows are visible. The projection will loop between sunrise, day, sunset and night-time, showcasing the scene in four vibrant colour palettes and allowing nocturnal critters time in the spotlight. 

The window display will consist of Australian flora and fauna made by kids from culturally diverse and marginalised backgrounds at a workshop hosted by 100 Story Building. We'll also workshop with the kids for ideas about what the animals will do and how we can best represent the character's personalities in the animation. 


Dany Acevedo Vera
Dany Acevedo Vera is a third-year animation student at the VCA, University of Melbourne. She loves drawing in both traditional and digital art mediums and is building an animation portfolio that explores the worlds of 2D and 3D.

Annabelle Hale
Annabelle Hale is a freelance illustrator based in Melbourne and is a graduate of the Diploma of Illustration at Melbourne Polytechnic. She is inspired by fairy tales and mythology and loves to use bold patterns and bright colours to create beautiful, fun art. She also loves swing dancing, tea and hoarding art supplies.