August 17th @ 6pm

Confident Conveyancing
150 Victoria St


Artist Statement

When aliens finally land on earth, they will see many buildings, around these buildings there will be a whole lot of fences and walls. What do they mean? Are we at war with each other?

These structures have come to represent home and more particularly – ownership.

We are living on stolen land, on land that previously had no fences, where home was not a property, it was a community.
Fences/Walls finds another use for these barriers, which all children know but forget: a percussion instrument.

With film maker Jamie Ker, Percussionist Chrissy Chan and visual/sound artist David Porteus, we will walk the perimeters of buildings in Footscray and surrounds, running our hands and other percussion tools along the fences and walls.
This will be a sound and video recording, which will be edited to a looped video, under ten minutes. 

“Home is a contentious topic for me, as I have moved many times in my life around Eastern Australia and have never 'owned' a house. As a non-indigenous Australian, I do not feel direct connection to place that people who are indigenous to a place may feel. Home in my experience, has come to mean property, represented by walls and fences. This project will obliquely draw attention to that, whilst being fun and compelling to watch. A big theme of all my previous work is accessibility-then concept. Working with two other artists will also provide variation and focus”
- David Porteus


David Porteus
David Porteus is a visual and sound artist, with four previous solo exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne. He is currently a finalist in the Moran Photography Prize. In 2015 his works were exhibited at La Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris) which toured the world as part of the COP21 United Nations Conference on Climate Change. David has previously been a featured music composer on ABC Radio National and is a post-graduate of composition and visual arts at VCA Melbourne. Last year he was part of West Projections Festival, with an interactive work. He rents in Yarraville and sometimes calls it home.

Chrissy Chan

Chrissy Chan is a Yarraville - based arts manager and musician whose professional practice traverses a wide variety of idioms. With a background specialising in rights management, she has worked in music publishing, APRA AMCOS and is currently a key team member behind the Australian Music Vault; an exhibition celebrating Australia’s contemporary music stories housed at Arts Centre Melbourne. She has been an associate producer for Speak Percussion and Ensemble Density, responsible for managing artists, graphic design and event marketing. Chrissy’s work as a freelance orchestral percussionist has evolved from early-career success over many years as a breaks DJ.

Jamie Ker
Between working in arts administration and developing her female-driven creative production company She and the Others (www.sheandtheothers.com), Jamie Ker is an emerging Director who is keen to explore a variety of projects, including non-traditional screen creation. Having worked in television in the UK for organisations such as the BBC, Jamie has a passion for adventure, and her love of travelling is complimented by a very distinct appreciation of ‘Home’. Melbourne born and bred, Jamie is excited to work with David and Chrissy and explore the vision for this project and the vibrant communities of the western suburbs.