Erin Tsubono
Mayo Areej Fujzieda

‘Stories of home: Domestic bliss & confines’


August 18th @ 6pm

Makers Window
311 Barkly St



This is a site-specific work. This is the artist’s home. We use where I (Erin) live and we work with clay as the venue for our projections. There are 3 large window panels onto Barkly Street. 2 will be used to show stop motion animations projected from behind (inside the building): domestic bliss and domestic confines almost the comedy and tragedy about. One is a comical and heart-warming shadow puppet about a man wood-working and making his partner to have a tea with. The other is a clay characters animation to tell a tragic and dramatic story of a woman at home as her cage. 

The middle window has no white screen on so people are invited to look inside the studio. It is exciting to look at ‘work behind the scene’ and link it to the two stories. People will find half drank coffee cups, left over food on plates, a kid’s jumper... People are then reminded (and perhaps little entertained or confronted) they are looking into someone’s domestic realm.... 


Erin Tsubono is from Japan and completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts with 1st class honours at the University of Sydney, majoring in Object Art and Design. She has also studied Architecture and Childcare Studies which were both as influential as arts studies to her current art practice. 

Erin works with clay and other natural materials like paper and fibre in her garage studio in Footscray. Each piece she creates is one-of-a-kind and carries stories about walks in the nature, one’s inner strength, childhood memories, motherhood, concerns about children’s future, relationships with animals, inner peace etc.