GabriellE Leah New Carolyn Cardinet

‘bleached white’


August 17th @ 6pm

Annette of Melbourne Couture
103 Charles St



Together, New and Cardinet channel their feelings of both impotence and hope through their artistic practices to creatively raise awareness of the plight of our coral reefs as sanctuaries and a home for the many species that inhabit them.
The artists see the planet as home to all species existing in a symbiotic relationship with nature. The bleaching of coral reefs will have devastating effects on the lives of many people who rely on the reefs for food, income, shelter and well-being. By 2100, most reef systems will die, unless carbon emissions are reduced.

Reefs, are the rainforests of the oceans, they provide habitat for a million species, including a fourth of the world’s fish. They protect coastlines against erosion from tropical storms and act as a barrier to sea-level rise. Many people will lose their lives and their homes if we continue to lose our reefs. 

‘Bleached White’, is a collaboration between Gabrielle Leah New and Carolyn Cardinet and uses recycled plastic, sculptural costume, projection, video performance and Butoh Dance Theatre to investigate the idea that coral reefs are a sanctuary and home to a multitude of creatures. The artists acknowledge that the Earth is not only home to human beings but all species and that ecological change due to climate warming will inevitably affect our home, of which there is no planet B alternative. 

Soundtrack composed by Norm Skipp.


Gabrielle Leah New 
Gaby makes immersive art experiences that question current paradigms, shine light onto difficult issues and expose humanities true nature, bringing the hidden, the repressed, the avoided parts of the self and society into focus through her multi-art practice. She is interested in opening conversations and thinking about healing and transformation as a collective and as individuals. 

Carolyn Cardinet 
Carolyn creates large and immersive sculpture installation from the very waste of human consumerism. She re-uses & transforms single-use plastic packaging as visual poetics to contribute to pressing global issues and highlights, through visual statements, societys’ avoidance to address the state of our environment and the future of the planet. 

Norman Skipp 
Norm is a NZ/UK composer/sonic artist and video artist based in Manchester, UK. Norm devotes himself to creating innovative sound and visual compositions in collaboration with a diverse range of artists. His wide and varied body of work often involves multi-artist works that blend sonic art, butoh, theatre, video art and instrumental performance