‘cosmic waterfall’

August 10th @ 6pm

The Night Heron
228 Nicholson St



As more and more public spaces are being rezoned to pave the way for residential developments, the future of parklands and natural reserves is unclear. Are we looking down the barrel of a near dystopia, or is there a new home for us within the unknown universe? 

Transforming the space into a celestial futuristic mini wonderland, Cosmic Waterfall creates an immersive tranquil atmosphere through striking visual projections and musical soundscape, offering participants a peek into a potential utopian future. 

A visual and sonic installation inspired by our home planet’s nature; created in outer space.

Space Disco Time Explorer Geo William creates thematic installations based on stories told through electronic music compositions and stunning projections. Using contemporary mapping technology, 3D objects and original soundtracks, the performance pieces transform a given location to create atmospheric experiences for audiences to become immersed within the narratives.


Geo William is the moniker of composer, producer and music director Stuart Cullen whose body of work expands across multiple platforms and genres across the universe.

Stuart Cullen is a Melbourne based composer, producer and interdisciplinary performer and artist. He has written, produced, directed and collaborated on multiple original music and live visual performance projects. Being a recent graduate of Interactive Composition at the Victorian College of the Arts, Stuart is enjoying a particularly explorative phase of his artistic career. As he draws upon an expanding array of influences, his artistic output is evolving to incorporate exciting new ways to better engage with audiences. This has led to a recent interest in exploring visual arts, using video multi-projections to enhance his story-telling and draw audiences further into his Geo William universe.