‘Nature Morte’


August 18th @ 6pm

Bar Josephine
295 Barkly St



When Bar Josephine was in the process of building the toilets and backyard, they found some bones.... 

Large bones and horse shoes, broken scales and a newspaper from 1988 hidden under some floor boards. These items are now scattered around the bar reflecting the history of the building through the memories embedded within these curious objects. Built on layers of history, the building and its surrounds have been home to many people, businesses and experiences, including the artists. Much as neighborhoods develop and change, 'Nature Morte' becomes an animated self portrait of the places that Rooke and Dubblu call home. 

'Nature Morte' is a video work using found objects and animation with aesthetics inspired by 17th Centurey Vanitas paintings and colour separation filming techniques. 'Nature Morte' attempts to merge local histories and sense of home into a morphing cabinet of curiosity that constantly changes and is fluid in its varied potential interpretations.

PLEASE NOTE: This projection is closed on Monday and Tuesday


Collaborative duo Shae Rooke and Jess Dubblu are contemporary artists based at Yonder Art Space in Melbourne’s West. Shae and Jess create playful, ironic artworks that transform intimate moments into larger than life experiences. Their artworks reflect a love of materiality, film and time travel which they share with the world in exhibititions at pubs, festivals and special commissions. Shae and Jess work across installation, video, zines, posters, sculpture and photography.

Jess Wilson
Jess Wilson is an instillation artist, illustrator and comic creator. Her work focuses on immersive experiences. Employing a variety of techniques from audio, visual and physical.
If she can convince her audience to climb into a pipe or crawl on the ground she considers it to be a success.
Her comic work focuses on the trials and tribulations of artists working in the service industry. 

Wilson has been involved with many galleries and art festivals in Melbourne and is passionate about promoting local artists. Both she and Shae share a studio at Yonder art space in Yarraville. 

Shae Rooke
Shae Rooke is a photographer, video and installation artist based in Melbournes West. She makes her art from the little things, finding the unexpected in the everyday world. Her camera can trick you into seeing a sparkling cosmos when you’re looking at a dirty puddle on the ground, hologram pictures become like portals into fantasy landscapes and deflated balloon figures resemble zombies twitching to life. Her diverse portfolio of artworks share an interest in merging natural and constructed landscapes, messing with scale and using tricks of the camera to twist perception. Her favourite words are creepy and cute.