Eugene Perepletchikov

‘8th of September 1890’


August 15th @ 6pm

281 Barkly St



Jacks Magazine previously named the Saltwater River Magazine was responsible for storing a majority of Melbourne’s Explosives. In I890 a Mr. Hake visited the magazine to find 1000 tons of explosives, which he estimated would have a blast radius to the General Post Office on Bourke Street. The circumstances of storing enough explosives in a city to destroy the city, and the communities’ reaction to these circumstances have been the inspiration for this project. The projects title ‘8th of September 1890’ is the date on the letter addressing this issue. The moving image work we are creating for West Projections uses this historical context to explore the complex psychological relationship we have with home, and the anxieties intertwined with the potential of its loss. We feel this destabilizing narrative uniquely illustrates what home means and the fragility of it as a concept. 

Following the exhibition ‘Jacks Reloaded: Material as Memory’ which was presented as a part of Melbourne Design Week, Eugene and Nicholas have continued exploring the unique site of Jacks Magazine and its local significance. For West Projections we will interpret Mr Hake’s 1890 letter to create a video projection that balances the historical context of Jacks Magazine with the psychology of the communities response to the risk proposed. Combining Eugene’s expertise in video production with Nicholas’ knowledge of gunpowder and historic archives they will create a cinematic projection that is inspired by Footscrays unique history.


Nicholas Burridge 
Nicholas Burridge is a Melbourne based multi-disciplinary artist that completed his BA in Fine Arts at Monash Univeristy in 2016. Nicholas’ practice often engages a long-term research based approach utilizing both archival materials as well as practical history. For the past several months he has been completing a residency at Jacks Magazine in collaboration with Working Heritage. Currently he is working with local archives to inform his project which he has been complimented by working with gunpowder in collaboration with the Seymour Black Powder Club.

Eugene Perepletchikov 
Eugene Perepletchikov is an independent film director, cinematographer and artist. He has more than 10 years experience working across productions in the commercial, education and arts sectors. His experience spans direction, cinematography, editing, compositing and curating. Increasingly Eugene’s focus is on collaborating with artists, researchers and Australian public institutions to examine new modes of story and document. Eugene’s artistic practice combines moving image with archival material to investigate notions of historicity, memory and knowledge.