‘a home is inside us’


August 11th @ 6pm

Kindred Studios
3 Harris St



Home is inside us…  My Dream Home - a short film (with or without sound and music) is a personal surrealistic playful journey it is an experience as well as a structure.

This home is for my dreams, dreams  of the real and imagined, the past , present and future directions.

My dreams are my personal home. 

My dreams are also my hopes for the future which I want to live in,

The home of my dreams is the earth and I would like to try my best to share and treat every part of it with the creative imagination and respect it is due.


I produce digital film work situated at an intersection of abstraction and narrative , and create installation and live performance projects, involving the invention of custom built audiovisual instruments.

My film installation “The Drive to Work” won best site specific animation at ZAGREB Animafest goes MSU 2017 and was shown in West Projections Festival 2018. My work has included gallery, public installations, live music and video performances in Australia and international festivals and conferences. A Lecturer in the Animation at the VCA Film & Television Faculty of Fine Arts & Music, University of Melbourne. I have worked collaboratively on several projects with multi-discipline central Victorian art collective Punctum. (2005-2010) Between 2009 and 2001 I was also a member of the Art and Technology Coalition and contributed to their international travelling exhibition "InsideOUt". And have been an active member and contributor to the Undue Noise Collective based in Bendigo. I have facilitated short courses and group production projects often integrating Environment, Science and Art themes.

I have engaged with many Animation methods and sound production, but have special interests in visual music, abstract animation, experimental film, soundtrack composition, live film ,improvisation and procedural animation, projection art and animation installations