steven rhall



August 15th @ 6pm

Five Walls Projects
Suites 2, 3, & 4
Level 1 / 119 Hopkins St



MariMoments is about desire. As an installation this artwork explores how ‘consumption as desire’ contributes to place making, ideas of Self and Other.

Merging with a constructed ’Footscray’ landscape, MariMoments spans public, private and civic spaces — strings of text and image creating narratives unique to each encounter — and various histories. Acting singularly, the face of each light-box sits ready for the passing gaze of the pubic and their immediate consumption.

MariMoments also expresses a tenable link between the manipulative dynamics of consumer capitalism and gentrification. Here it argues gentrification’s displacement of marginalised populations a result of White middle–class desire for civic and personal amenity. Further, MariMoments views the impetus to gentrify integral to both advanced capitalism, and its forbear colonialism, in their desire for the space of the Other.


Steven Rhall is a post-conceptual artist operating from a First Nation, white-passing, cis male, positionality. Rhall's interdisciplinary practice responds to the intersectionality of First Nation art practice and the Western art canon. He interrogates modes of representation, classification and hierarchy using installation, performance, process lead methodologies, 'curatorial' projects, sculpture, and via public & private interventions. Rhall exhibits internationally, lectures at the Victorian College of the Arts, is a PhD candidate at Monash University on Birrarung-ga land (Melbourne, Australia).