‘animated planets orbiting footscray’


August 11th @ 6pm

Lickety Split
38-40 Moreland St



Bachelor Fine Arts Animation students from VCA School of Film & Television, University of Melbourne create their own response to the theme of home.

Coordinated by Paul Fletcher and including the following ten students due to graduate this year.

Seamus Shanks
Seen through a birds eye view, a city is brightly lit at night. Statement: This response depicts home as a lively representation of a city. Growing up in a city has inspired me to express my appreciation of the lights that can be seen at night, particularly from a distance, as the subject matter of this response. In this response I was more concerned about the perspective of a city from the outside not the inside, much like how you would see it from an airplane. I find the illumination from the city at this perspective incredibly beautiful and comforting

Briellen Ramsay
I have always found a wonder in animation. In 2016 for my final year of high school VCE I created a stop motion animation for studio art. I did this because i wanted my art to communicate a visual story that comes to life. The animation was really enjoyable to create and well received, getting into Top Arts 2017 and receiving a recognition of work with a prize of $1000. I then followed my interest in studying animation and specifically study at Victorian Collage of The Arts. Upon graduating from the Bachelor of Fine Arts - Animation I wish to further pursue the love that has grown for the art form. I am interested in interning or being hired into an animation studio to help work on creating stunning worlds, story’s and visuals. I also or alternatively would love to freelance and travel.

I chose to do this animation for west projections theme “home” because home for me is a feeling of being at comfort and at peace in the surroundings. Somewhere you feel settled. I hope to display this in the oceans calm, the serenity of the open sky’s space. The boats rock and the wind in the girl’s hair.

Dany Acevedo Vera
Dany Acevedo Vera is a third-year animation student at the VCA, University of Melbourne. She loves to mix and match traditional and digital art and is building an animation portfolio that explores the worlds of 2D and 3D.

’Tea Home’
My entry is a 10 second hand-drawn animated loop about my personal idea of home; a kettle boiling, making a tea and wrapping my hands around the mug cosied up in a jumper. It picks out one of the many little comforts we enjoy that can make any space feel like home.

Tristan Mulcahy
Animation is something I have watched all my life, whether it was watching cartoons every morning before school or playing video games with my siblings. The stories they portrayed and the countless quotes I memorised made me want to create fantastical stories for larger audiences. In many ways, animation is my Home, just like on a grand scale, Planet Earth is our home or Footscray is other peoples home. This is why I chose to show the planet spinning in many different ways. Basic Earth to lined Earth, we all see our homes differently but in the end it is still ours. The message is basic but its core meaning stands.

Oliver Paterson
This projection pays visual homage to films and cartoons from the 1980's, a number of which I rented on VHS from a Video Ezy around the corner from my house that I watched as a kid. These cartoons made a deep impression on me (apparently often regarding them as 'the coolest things I've ever seen'), and as I got older the memories of them often reminded me of home, watching them on a rainy afternoon.

Hugh Mitchell
A whale at home.

Annalise Palenzuela
’Floral Sheets / Internal External’
Home is a complicated thing sometimes. Throughout my life, I've often found myself in situations where home was not a place I could rely on and wasn't a place of safety, so when trying to create something to reflect my idea of a home in a positive light I tried to think more broadly about things that I enjoyed, namely plants, books, blankets... all things that I gravitate towards, and all the things that I find I surround myself with almost compulsively.

My desk at uni is covered in these, I've filled my room with almost more books and plants that I can manage but do anyway. I've done everything I can to create enclosed spaces of safety and comfort. Thinking on the theme, I've found that the only constant that I've had in my life to make me feel safe is my own self, my body, and my work. So going back to the animation, I wanted to create something that will maybe express how a home can be something you create, and something you can find within yourself.

Fun fact: the flowers that I've used in my animation are silhouettes of some small flowers I painted to go on table cards at my mother's wedding early this year, just a little reminder for myself of development and change in the existence of home and families.

Nelson Dean
An animation blending stop-motion and digital techniques. The theme of Home got me thinking about planet Earth as our home, and the possible need for a new one if we continue on our path to making the Earth inhabitable.

Gigi Hart
Third year student studying animation. The theme is home, so the coast changing from day to night and back to day again seemed fitting. Some people find that a nice view of the water brings back a good sense of perspective, like going home does. Home also provides rest and renewal, like day turning to night, and then to another new day.

Joe Lombard
I’m Joe Lombard, an illustrator and animator based in West Footscray. Since moving to the area several years ago, I’ve begun pursuing animation academically, and gotten involved with Waterside Metal art down by the river, where I learnt blacksmithing techniques, and most recently volunteered instructing members of the public during the 2019 Blacksmithing Festival. I have dreams of combining metal work with stop-motion animation, making a comic, and working with a team to tell stories with animation. When I considered the theme “home”, no particular place came to mind. All my life I’ve moved house every few years as the rental landscape shifted, so home as a particular location is not part of my experience. I think “home” is in the changes you make to your environment. it’s what you build with what you have, whether that’s modifications to a crappy rental house, or it’s whatever people will build if we don’t make serious efforts to address the present climate emergency.